Anti age-ing acupuncture facial by David Peters

I was lucky enough to try an anti ageing facial- however this is no normal facial!  David Peters has set up Naturalift Anti-Ageing – which is a natural way of reducing lines and firming skin.

The technique use is acupuncture….. I can already hear the yelps! I was extremely nervous and hesitant but upon arrival David couldn't have been more calming and welcoming and immediately put my mind at ease by explaining the process.

Acupuncture facials are a gentle, pain free natural alternative to harsher chemical based treatments. (I even fell asleep during my Naturalift!).

I had the Naturalift anti – ageing bespoke treatment where different oils were specially chosen for my skin type.  The facial combines cosmetic acupuncture, massage and essential oils to encourage collagen and elastin production and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  

After just one treatment I could see an instant difference, my skin was radiantly glowing, and the next few days became smoother and smoother as my fine lines started to disappear- this to me was most exciting! 

I would recommend this treatment to any one as the difference in my skin was huge- anything alternative without the chemicals is a huge advantage in my eyes.  The fact it can do the same but naturally screams winner!

You can find more details on David's website



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