Channel 5 TV series- Autopsy Last Final Hours Of….

This was the most exciting job to date to work on – heading up hair and make up for series 2 and 3.  I loved this job due to the versatility of creativeness needed from start to finish.  From researching references, documents, reports and characters was a real challenge.  I used all my skills possible from wig work, to special effects, and character make up. 

Lots of scripts, breakdowns and make up schedules were needed along with long hours.  The real treat that topped everything off was working with such a lovely crew.  There is a behind the scenes video coming out where you can find out how I created various effects and the products used. 

The biggest challenge was creating special effects make up in limited time, so having to use or adapt with certain products that had little drying time to then be able to colour over. Also applying pieces was tricky due to the style and placement of the wounds needed, which also had to match exact to the pathology/ autopsy reports.  This meant little artistic licencing could be used… all effects had to be just so.  

Here are some of the pics from the show……Series 3 is still to come but keep an eye out for some new awesome reports..

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 1

photo 5

karen carpenter.jpg

brittany murphy.jpg

brittany murphy 2.jpg

brittany 3.jpg



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