Choosing the right shade of lipstick

Choosing the right coloured lipstick can be a girl's worst nightmare and can often lead to make up mishaps or general fear of lipstick…..

Fear not I may be able to help!

Choosing a nude lipstick:

The key to choosing a nude lipstick is finding a colour that won't wash you out….

Firstly you should always stay within two shades of your natural skin tone.  For fairer complexions, opt for a pinky peachy shade.  Yellow skin tones should go for a caramel colour and those with darker skin tone can get away with most nude shades.  Finish with a semi matte or glossy finish to prevent a flat finish or for a longer lasting look, apply a translucent setting powder between layers of lipstick. 

The key to choosing a red lipstick :

A very simple basic ay that some people mention is similar to the above rule of 2 shades. remove any balms or lipsticks from lips to reveal natural lip colour then apply a red shade you like to your top lip only.  Compare the colour against your natural bottom lip, if the red lipstick is two shades darker then you have found your most flattering shade!

For more indepth knowledge see below!

The first step is to determine your skin tone, the simple part! Are you pale, olive skinned, tanned, dark skinned, yelow or a combination?

Now look further to identify your undertones, for example are you pale with yellow undertones or blue?

A little clue is to look at your hair colour, most red heads tend towards blue or pink undertones. 

If you are very pale, the chances are you will have cool, rosy undertones the general rule for pinky undertones is a red lipstick that is blue based. Usually a bold pillar box red lipstick is not for you.  Find shades that are a mixture of coral red or orange red or peach red, especially if you have yellow undertones.

If you have darker skin you can get away with most obvious red lipsticks.  Dark shades are best reserved for people with dark hair as the shades will compliment each other.

Olive skinned people should go for brighter/ warmer reds- maybe even fluoroshade. Dull or matte red, or purplish reds will not suit.

Asian complexions will work better with red ipsticks that have blue or purplish undertones.

Remember you should take your colour of lips into account as will change the way it loks from tube to face.  To combat this try putting a little foundation on your lips before application. 

Try lining the wole lip first for a real punch of colour.

Don't forget some reds can brighten your teeth or make them appear yellow, the best brightening comes from a bluey based lipstick as it detracts from the yellow in your teeth.

Please avoid heavy make up and red lips as can all lok a little too much! 




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