Make up tips

Here are a few little make up tips- 

I will be sharing tips from now on….. so keep an eye out……

Your base:

– Before applying make up in the morning make sure your hands are clean befoe you touch your face. Thoroughly cleanse your face and apply moisturiser to even out the skin.

– Applying creams and moisturisers before foundation lessens the probability of creasing becasues it smoothes out lines in the delicate under eye ares

– For a lighter look in seconds mix your foundation with your daily moisturiser in the palm of your hand before applying. This gives you a homemade tinted moisturiser perfect for everyday use as something a little lighte.

– If you have a ruddy complexion or uneven browny-red skin tones, try using a beige foundation or a bronzer to maintain the natural look while evening out skin tones.  Many pale foundations have a pinky undertone thatn can increase the red tones, so try to avoid.

– Evening out skin tones- Yellow tone skins, especially found around the eyes try using a violet skin correction colour. For redness a green colour corrector, this can reduce cheek redness but if used too heavily can make you look unnaturally pale- use sparingly!

– After applying foundation- make sure you spend a few minutes blending it onto your jawline, hairline, lightly onto the neck and don't forget your ears! Creating the perfect base is the most important part of make up 

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