Melting Lipsticks

I was having such problems with space in my kit and took the plunge to repot and melt my lipsticks.  Not only did I find it frustrating carrying a million lipsticks but also not being able to see the colours.

I read loads of reviews on melting lipsticks and time was of the essence to me, and melting one by one over a candle seemed like a ridiculously long process. 

I also didn't have professional palettes nor did I want to spend this money unessecarily. So I experimented and thankfully found my way worked without damaging the lippies!

I used the boots stackable pots, my mircowave and labelled with small sticky white stickers. 

Step one-

Use palette knife or something you can scrape the whole lippie out into the pot.

Step 2 – 

Place pot in microwave and turn on however you must check your lipstick every 10-15 seconds , you do not want it to boil

Step 3- 

Once melted take out microwave and leave on side to cool and set- for faster setting can place in fridge. 

Step 4- 

Label pot so you still know what lipstick you are using!

NB- I ended up melting around 8-10 pots at a time in the microwave, some brands melted faster than others, so as you check every 10 seconds remove the ones that are ready as you go. 

See below my new colour graded stack pots of lipsticks- space saving and easy to use and still smart!

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

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