I always like to keep up with the everchanging and growing beauty and make up industry, however this is a near impossible task with the amount of producs that keep launching!

I have recently managed to try a few new bits and bobs, that are now packed in my kit and even some as my now "must have" products.

Here are some of my fave bits:

I particularly love these brushes, ECOTOOLS an American brand- their quality is fab.  I was sceptical at first being that the emphasis was on their natural 100% cruelty free bristles and bamboo handles.  However, after having used them on a few jobs now both clients and myself were really impressed, they are incredibly soft. Even their packaging was lovely and carefully thought through. You can purchase them at most Boots stores.

Another fave brand I have found is SAMPAR, I will now swear by these two products I have tried. 

One is the SAMPAR prodigal pen which is an anti blemish roll on.  I went through a very run down phase recently and my skin kept having abnormal outburst of horrendous blemishes, this little pen was my life saviour.  I have never had such good results from any other anti blemish products. Conclusion this is a definite must have!

The other was Glamour Shot Eyes, it masks wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness in 1 minute, and guess what- it does exactly what it says on the tin. Great for cients and photo shoots, or yourself for those early starts and perfect for the upcoming party season for the day after those late heavy nights!


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