Red carpet nails at home

This product has to be my new pamper product the RED CARPET MANICURE Gel polish pro kit.

As much as I like being pampered, I do like to save money. This product gives you the same long lasting finish as going to a nail salon.

At first I was a bit daunted by how the instructions seemed long and timely. However it was easy to use and the light even had timing set.

My favourite color choices are the bright red or fuschia pink.

The process was easy to do, using the pre nail polish, setting, the the paint, then setting it, then another layer of paint just to ensure strong colour, set again and then top coat, set, and finally the special lotion that stops the tackiness.

My at home mani and pedi has lasted well over two weeks, the pcicture below is a pic of my nails after 2 weeks- I even did some manual labour with my hands, with nails still in tact afer!

My only concern is how well the solution removes the nail polish when wanting to change, this was quite timely. 

Overall though this is def a great product to get the same salon finish at home, or to have in your makeup kit. 

The professional LED can be bought for £89.95 from

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